Why you don't *have* to be on Snapchat.

“Your brand needs to be on every social media platform.”

“And you have to be on Snapchat. Everyone loves Snapchat.”

These two sassy statements are so prevalent in the world of social media and content marketing that they almost seem like common sense.

But they’re not. And this post is here to debunk those "facts."

You can’t be everywhere at once. So why should a brand be expected to be on every social media platform simultaneously?

The answer to this question may seem obvious. “To reach larger audiences, duh!”

But the mentality of more means better isn’t always correct. And for social media, it’s just the opposite.

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Instead of spreading out your messaging thinly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Medium, Reddit…(the list goes on), the focus should be on curation and fine-tuning your content for just two to four of these media.

Don’t dilute your message by reposting your content on every channel, but find the best fit for the piece and stick to it.

The question you should be asking is not what to post on every channel, but which channel matches the audience you’re trying to reach? (And most of the time, Snapchat isn’t always the right answer.)

There is a plethora of networks out there. From giants like Facebook to those that cater to various niche audiences like Catrdge for video game makers or Ravelry for knitters/crocheters, there’s basically an online community for everyone.

If you’re curious about what exists, take a look at these 20 niche social networks as a starting point.

Trust us, there are many, many more. Find a network that speaks to the community that your brand caters to. Then, read and participate in the content to see what works and what doesn’t.

But before you delete all your branded accounts, take a look at these other social media “facts” – debunked.


1. “Facebook is over. Young people are leaving it in favour of other networks.”

Although it is true that younger demographics are gravitating towards niche communities, Facebook is still the most popular network. It reigns with over 1.7 billion monthly users and has had a 16% user growth in the past year.


2. “Pinterest is only for moms."

Since Pinterest features lots of DIYs, recipes, and other content associated with maternal instincts, many write off the network as a place where only moms hang out. 

But this network holds almost a third of American online users (that’s more than Twitter).

And besides, we don’t see what the problem with mom is.


3. “Snapchat is for college kids."

Although users are primarily between the ages of 18-24, there are also lots of “older” folks on it as well. And by older, we mean SLIGHTLY older, with 25-34 year olds making up about a quarter of its user base.  


So the next time you repost that content on all your social media channels, think about where it fits best. And even more importantly, think about if the channel is a must have for your brand.

If you need some further guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Canupy. Happy Posting!

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About the Author:

Vicky Liu is a Canupy content creator, blogger and social media enthusiast. She studied RTA Media Production at Ryerson University in Toronto. Her interests include digital design, concert-going and stalking assorted bakeries on Instagram.