Imagine your Instagram went from being "umm... what do we post today?" to “holy ship! Our followers and sales are blowing up!

That’s the Insta dream, right? Because...

>> Your product is already makin’ people smile.

>> And your services are being served up to happy customers – one right after another.

All you’re missing is that can’t-stop-won’t-stop Insta funnel.


You’ve seen some brands seemingly EXPLODE on Instagram overnight. Maybe you’ve even mapped out your own Insta-marketing plan for success.

But keeping up with your account, day in and day out, with heart-worthy content that turns followers into sales? Whole. Other. Story. (And by that, we mean it just ain’t happening.)

And hey, you’re no lightweight when it comes to marketing your own brand.

So why does Instagram feel like an impossible daily task to get on top of?

We live and breathe Instagram so we have a pretty good idea why.

You’re busy.

You’re already running a business. Becoming a pro at grammin' takes time. Time that you’d rather put towards shipping your products or services!

You’re already juggling clients, customers, manufacturing, support… (you name it). Which makes it kinda hard to focus on daily tedious tasks like cropping, editing, captioning, hashtagging, replying and engaging.

Your focus is on the big picture and that’s exactly why you know you need a healthy Instagram funnel of new sales and leads coming in. Every. Damn. Day.


Because you? You’re scaling a biz. And you know that to scale means to hire experts who’ll take care of ALLL the moving parts of your brand – including that Insta funnel.

There’s just one thing. Your Insta funnel has to WORK.

It’s one thing to post funny memes, pics of the last office party, and graphics that promote your flash sales.

But it’s another to have an account that speaks the visual language of your people, grows on a consistent basis (we’re not talking ads, either) and brings in a steady stream of clicks to the website (cuz if not, what’s the point?).

We completely hear ya and that’s why we do what we do.

Straight Up Insta-Growth takes care of ALL your daily Instagram marketing tasks, so that your business keeps growing while you focus on the big picture.


Because if your target audience is on Instagram, you can’t afford NOT to be there as an active, awesome account.

Ready for the straight goods? You’ll get:

Canupy - Instagram services
Canupy - Instagram services
Canupy - Instagram services

>> A style guide designed specifically for your Instagram account

>> Done-for-you content sourcing

>> Daily posting and captions

>> Industry keywords + strategic hashtag research

>> A content calendar so you know what's coming up

>> Monthly analytics

Starting at $1,500/month.

Our biggest win together has to be Instagram. We started with 300 followers and now we are well over 10K followers, which is a 3,300% growth in 10 months!
— Karen Tsoi, Pastel Dress Party
Karen Tsoi - Canupy


Say goodbye to the Valencia filter! Here’s how this all works:

  • You hit the big pink button and send us your project details through our Contact page.

  • We'll reply and find a mutually great time to chat.

  • We'll chat all things Insta. If we're a good match to work together, we'll then send you a link to lock in your spot.

  • You’ll pay for the first month of services, and book your first 30-minute call with us so we can *really* meet you.

  • After you book your 30-minute call time, you’ll be sent a quick questionnaire. Make sure to fill this out before our call!


Then the *real* fun begins.

  • We have our 30-minute call talk out your current Instagram game.

  • We set a date of when we’ll start our daily posting services, and how our work will be given the thumbs-up from you.

  • We swap info, including passwords and the content calendar we'll use. Meanwhile, we'll be learning the ins-and-outs of your brand and audience.

  • And that's it! When that set date hits, we'll officially be taking over your Instagram account so that you can relax and focus on the rest of your business.

Like taking the perfect selfie, this will be a team effort! Then once we take over your account, you can totally relax.

Starting at $1,500/month.

Elise is an energetic, enthusiastic, and highly skilled content marketer. She ultimately helped turn Instagram into one of our main marketing channels.
— Scott Miller, Sonder Mill
scott miller sonder mill


Why Canupy, you ask? 

(Great minds think alike.)


Wanna know a secret? Instagram is the foundation of our own business. Back when Elise planted the roots of what Canupy is today, her main focus was helping product brands *GROW* on Instagram. 

In 2013, it was the wild wild west when it came to Instagram growth and influencer marketing. Since learning the nuts and bolts of the platform over the years, Elise's proven system for Insta-success is something she applies to client accounts, over and over again. You can read all about it over at our Case Studies.

And no matter who's running your account, as a team, Canupy is an agency of experts from a ton of fields.

We’ve got backgrounds in journalism, media, screenwriting, comedy, improv – and that’s just the writing part. As millennials, we’ve been on social media almost since birth. And you better believe we’ve been working in social and digital media for all of our careers.

Even better, some of us have worked together as colleagues in a 9-5, and some of us have met while freelancing from Bali. We’ve got some stories we could tell ya.

An eclectic crew. One that's ready to make your Insta-dreams happen.

Starting at $1,500/month.



+ How soon can we start?

As soon as you're ready to! In general though, after booking the free 15 minute consultation, most clients are taking it easy while we run their Instagram account within 2 weeks.

+ Who exactly will I be working with?

At this time, Elise is the main point of contact when it comes to all things Instagram. Once things are off and running with your account, Elise will work with a Canupy team member to help run your account too. It's a team effort around here :)

+ How long is the contract for?

You'll have access to the entire contract agreement before you book, but here are the cliffs notes on how we work: our initial contract is for a 3 month period and it then automatically renews for 6 months. Amendments can be made as needed and we just need 30 days notice if you'd ever like to cancel.

+ I'm interested, but I have a few questions. Can I get in touch?

Absolutely! We recommend booking the free 15 minute consultation where we'll answer all your specific questions (even if it takes longer than 15 minutes :)

+ Is there a refund?

Since this is service-based work, there is no refund. Before you book the Straight Up Insta-Growth package, you'll be able to review our full contract agreement. If your plans change for any reason and you no longer need our services, you just need to give us 30 days written notice. But again, this will all be in the contract!