Ecommerce is your day-to-day, but you're bogged down with tedious tasks like blogging, graphics and hashtags...

You need to clear your work plate and take a mental load off.

In fact, a warm beach and a tropical drink sound great right about now...

As business owners, we turtley get it.

Canupy was founded by Elise Darmanin in response to a direct need she saw in the startup and small business market.

While working as a Marketing Specialist for the DMZ in Toronto, the #1 business incubator in North America, she observed overworked, overstressed CEOs who were trying to "do it all" in their business. Surrounded by over 150 budding startups in the space, Elise tested her services by helping founders with their social media marketing and storytelling. This is where the first sprigs of Canupy began to sprout. 🌱

Fast-forward a few years...

Canupy is now powered by a team of sharp writers, marketers and content creators who are mostly based in Toronto, but also have a penchant for travel and working remotely.

If you see us traveling on the 'gram, consider that an open invite for a beachside meeting. We'll bring the Cocktails (or Mocktails).




Meet the whole Canupy team.

taylor marsden canupy

Taylor Marsden, Writer

vicky liu canupy

Vicky Liu, Writer

justin hein canupy

Justin Hein, Writer

Kaela Malozewski canupy

Kaela Malozewski, Content Creator


That's us. Tell us about you?