5 About pages that'll STOP you in your tracks.

Whether it’s writing a compelling resume, filling in your company bio or writing a kickass About page for your website, there’s one thing we can all agree on: describing yourself (or your business) is hard!

Crafting the perfect About message is a tricky balance of showcasing yourself in the best professional light possible, while still sounding humble and genuine.

Your potential clients or partners learn a lot from this simple page. It may just be a few words, images or videos, but it’s the very essence of your business’ values, personality and voice.

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled our top collection of About pages that we’re all about right now.

From witty copy to thematic excellence, here’s what you can learn from these catchy company bios.

5 inspirational about pages - how to write about pages

1. Know your theme, stick to it.

Woah Nelly is a catering company with a drool-worthy About page.

By using fun food language and large vintage fruit prints with featured snapshots of sample menus, the company’s motif of beautiful boutique cooking is exemplified on their website.

The page shows the cooks behind this “company of cooks” surrounded by their gastronomical works and professional experience.

If there’s one takeaway (besides the good looking food) from this website, it’s to understand your theme and create an About statement and page that complements and surrounds it in every way.

2. Let your employees do the talking.

Some of the best advocates for your company are the people who are behind it!

Rent the Runway is a crowd-sharing fashion business that features employee testimonials and quotes on their About page.

Unlike most companies that feature a client review, this novel take shows the passion and human side that happens behind the scenes.

The key to this page is to include various team members of your business to weigh in on what makes your company so exceptional — they’re the ones that know the business best!

3. Be your own best customer.

Take a look at Alfred’s About page, which features the founders using the product they created, listing out what’s on their personal profiles.

Further down, there are also some member highlights sharing what other customers have on their profiles.

This page also uses wide margins and large spacing to give the reader a sense of order, a visual choice that matches the company's value proposition.

The takeaway from this page is simple. Tie in your product or service to your personal story and usage to bring life to the bio.

4. Tell a story (yes, you can use arrows).

It may sound obvious to create a narrative on your About page, but marketing companies like Dutch Have a Nice Day do it in a more literal way.

By answering the 5 Ws (Who, What, Where, When and Why) in each section, all aspects of their company are covered. The addition of doodles and dotted arrows also give the bio page a handmade charm while literally guiding the reader through the page.

The takeaway here is intuitive but important; weave a story about your company and lead your reader throughout it. 

5. Give a little behind-the-scenes info.

Coneflower Creamery is a charming ice cream shop with an About page that shares some of the rationale behind the company’s name.

It also features a lovely red flower motif that highlights the shop’s name and motto of farm-to-table cones.

While your company name may not need as much explanation, the key point to remember from this page is to add some insider information or backstory that your potential client or partner can indulge in. They will feel like a close friend or partner before your official relationship even begins.

These About pages are great starting points when thinking about what makes a bio exceptional.

But drilling down a creative brand angle can be challenging — especially if it’s a personal brand or something close to heart.

If you want it done well (and faster than on your own), check out our very own copywriting services.

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