5 brands we’re loving on Instagram right now.

No matter the size or scope of your business, it’s important to have a creative outlet; a chance to build your brand and create a personality for your business.

What better platform to create this character than Instagram.

5 e-commerce brands we're loving on instagram

With over 500 million monthly users, it’s undeniable that this social network is for more than selfies and cheesy holiday photos.

Instagram is an outlet to visually represent your brand, connect with customers and be noticed by all those users scrolling each day.

Ready for a dose of inspiration? Check out these brands' feeds and see why their posts set them apart.

1. No Your City

no your city instagram

No Your City is on a mission to tell the stories of the unique individuals we pass by everyday. Their documentary series is based in New York, but captures people from all over the world.

Their Instagram, on the other hand, gives the viewer a chance to showcase their own city and accompanying story.

Their feed is filled will skyscrapers, aerial shots, reflections and strangers.

Based on the idea that an extraordinary perspective can be captured with your phone, this brand has built a big following.

2. Warby Parker

warby parker instagram

One method of calling attention to your products is by posting images of customers putting them to use.

It’s relatable, and makes customers excited at the idea that they could be featured on a booming social network by a brand they love.

Eyeglass retailer Warby Parker often uses this tactic. They showcase their customers wearing their product in a variety of creative ways.

3. Lazy Oaf

lazy oaf instagram

If you’re looking to add a heavy dose of colour and humour to your wardrobe, look no further than Lazy Oaf.

The clothing retailer uses a similar aesthetic when it comes to their Instagram feed, featuring plenty of prints, cartoons and filters.

The “Oafgram” stays true to its branding, their e-commerce website, and their social platforms are fun across the board.

4. Staples

staples instagram

When you think of a brand that features a playful social media feed, Staples might be the last one that comes to mind. 

In actuality, the office supplies brand balances out their practical side with an attention-grabbing feed that is both charming and engaging.

The brand captions their photos wisely -- asking thoughtful questions and encouraging responses in the comment sections.

A personal touch can go a long way.

5. GoPro

gopro instagram

The key to GoPro’s Instagram success is their top-notch user-generated content.

To encourage engagement, the brand holds contests such as “Photo of the Day” and “Video of the Day.”  

GoPro emphasizes the link between adventure and the gadget itself, making the possibility for incredible content seem limitless.

The brand chooses not to sell product on their feed, instead focusing on celebrating what they stand for – a life of adventure.

*Honourable mention: Barkbox

barkbox instagram

If you have a special furry friend in your life that you love to spoil, chances are you’ve heard of Barkbox.

This subscription-based service delivers treats and toys for you and your pet to enjoy all month.

However, you won’t find much product being pushed on their Instagram.

Instead, the brand has dedicated their feed to showcases hilarious animal videos and pets destined for stardom. Think of their social media as an added bonus on top of the Milk Bones.

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