4 Instagram marketing trends of 2016.

Instagram is a great place to be. You can catch up with what your friends are doing, find a new brunch spot, or even learn a new workout routine.

It’s also a great place for marketers to catch the eye of its over 400 million monthly users. With the new year, there are some fresh techniques for online businesses to pique the interests of Insta-users everywhere. Here are some upcoming trends for this year – get ready to "discover, double-tap and explore." 

1. Emphasis on more video content

Instagram is moving beyond photo, with a push towards video content. With the addition of video editing apps like Hyperlapse (to speed up video) and Boomerang (to create GIF-like pictures,) it’s clear that this year will be about the moving image.

The digital consumer is always looking to digest more information in less time, which is a perfect opportunity for online marketers to post video clips comprised of assorted photos and footage. For example, @VanityFair uses video to create quick but complex segments — perfect for bite-sized digital consumption.

Use more video in your posts to encourage your followers to be more immersed in your content.         

At Vanity Fair, #creativityis pushing boundaries and disrupting expectations. Via @condenast.

A video posted by Vanity Fair (@vanityfair) on

2. Thinking outside of the square

Since the update and announcement about Instagram’s new photo layout options (no more mandatory iconic square!), there have been big changes in the types of photos posted. Users are able to share longer vertical images and wider horizontal photos that stray from the app’s previous 1:1 aspect ratio.

These new options give way to more creative and engaging photos that don’t cut off any part of the image. Brands are taking advantage of this update as well, with vertical layouts used for beauty or fashion images (perfect for showing off #ootd’s) and horizontal layouts used for entertainment brands for a more cinematic mobile experience. 

3. Collaborative + creative posts

Instagram is a great place for collaboration — whether it’s between brands, like this post from @Vogue and Derek Zoolander, content created between multiple users, or a mix of both. 2016 will continue to bring partnership posts from social media influencers. And there’s an increased popularity in collaborative accounts that share personal stories and content like @humansofny

4. Original content from brands

Another trend this year will be posting original creative content that has been personalized for brands and curated to their specific users.

Begone are the days of solely reposting, retweeting, and regramming! By sharing content that is customized and developed exclusively for the brand, followers get exclusive and unique photos, video, and content that is on-brand and targeted.

There are even specialized companies that offer these content creation services to those that don’t have the time to create this messaging.

Speaking of which, Canupy will be rolling out this brand new service shortly. If you're interested in learning more or chatting with us about content creation for your brand, feel free to email us at grow@canupy.com.

About the Author:

Vicky Liu is a Canupy content creator, blogger and social media enthusiast. She studied RTA Media Production at Ryerson University in Toronto. Her interests include digital design, concert-going and stalking assorted bakeries on Instagram. 

Vicky Liu

Vicky Liu is a content creator, blogger and social media enthusiast studying RTA Media Production at Ryerson University in Toronto. Her interests include digital design, concert-going and stalking assorted bakeries on Instagram.