2016's biggest stock photography trends.

Everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousand words.

It’s an age-old adage that has been repeated by marketers, ad agencies and content creators alike. A well-placed photograph or image can speak volumes to interested online audiences. It’s a powerful visual tool that can be leveraged to inspire your audiences to TAKE ACTION.

But are all pictures created alike? How do you know if the context of your piece best matches the imagery? Fear not, because we here at Canupy have some tips to share.

Here's our take on the top stock photography trends of 2016, according to Shutterstock, and how you can ensure your social content is always looking picture perfect.

1. Sunny side-up

A well-lit space and subject have always been a staple of good photography. But a trend that's gaining popularity this year is photos that use natural lighting, often showcasing a beam of sunlight in the shot. This splash of brightness adds an element of time to the photo, making images appear more candid.

This stock photography trend is great for product shots or mood imagery to create a more human feel to your content.

2. Shadow play

On the exact opposite end of photos featuring a sunny break are those that use natural light to create shadows.

Images featuring silhouetted figures are trendy this year, giving way to a feeling of anonymity and mystery. Dark shadows allow photographs to be about the human form instead of the individual, often showing the contrast between the subject and the environment.

3. Partially hidden face

Along the same lines of photos featuring human silhouettes are those that feature a person with distinguishing facial features hidden.

Sometimes it’s just the eyes that are hidden or perhaps the photo is taken from behind the subject. Whatever the case may be, this photo trend is great for social content because it does not identify a specific human subject. Instead, the viewer can put themselves in the place of the subject, imagining that they are embarking on the adventure in the photo.

4. Solo focus

This trendy technique highlights a single subject, usually a metaphorical fish out of water in a scenic location. This technique can be used with any subject — animal, human or product  but the most important part is that the subject is the most unique object in the shot.

Negative space is used in these photos to enhance the individuality of the subject and to give focus to the contrast of the object being in a natural or neutral setting.

5. Human scale perspective

Another popular stock photo trend for this year is the use of human scale photos that showcase how small we humans are in comparison to the environment that surrounds us.

This type of image is popular because it emphasizes the huge world that is around us, and symbolizes opportunity and new discoveries.

About the Author:

Vicky Liu is a Canupy content creator, blogger and social media enthusiast. She studied RTA Media Production at Ryerson University in Toronto. Her interests include digital design, concert-going and stalking assorted bakeries on Instagram. 

Vicky Liu

Vicky Liu is a content creator, blogger and social media enthusiast studying RTA Media Production at Ryerson University in Toronto. Her interests include digital design, concert-going and stalking assorted bakeries on Instagram.