5 ways B2B brands are succeeding on Instagram.

Think B2B brands can’t succeed on Instagram? Think again! There are over 50 million photos shared each day on the visual platform, and a large chunk of that content comes straight from marketers looking to connect and engage with their respective audiences.

Don’t sell your own story short; here are five simple ways B2B brands are succeeding on Instagram right now:

5. Video

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Instagram isn’t just about static images – video content is massively popular with the app’s user base as well! In fact, 40% of the most frequently shared videos (on other channels like Facebook and Twitter) come from brands – yes, even B2B ones. An easy way to show off new products or employee skills in action, videos can help humanize an otherwise inaccessible company which does wonders for social engagement numbers.


4. Fostering Community

Smart B2B brands have shifted focus away from only highlighting their behind-the-scenes action to that of their customers. By showcasing the community using their products or services, these brands succeed on Instagram in two important ways: they end up forming deeper connections with their client base and they show potential customers the great benefits of doing business with their company.


3. Showing Off in a Creative Way

It's the last day of summer, but the future still looks pretty bright. #😎🍌

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Who says B2B marketing has to be boring? Colour, videos, and special campaigns not only show customers a different side of the brand they think they know, but it also encourages them to use that brand’s services or products. Mailchimp’s feed is fun, bright and creative which helps keep followers engaged. Plus, it reinforces how effective they are when it comes to visual communication (a huge sell for their email marketing services).


2. It’s in the Storytelling

Nothin' but net! 🏀 #MarchMadness #FinalFour

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The best part about an application like Instagram is the opportunity it affords brands to tell engaging stories. Instead of posting up traditional ads and stuffy promo materials, the most successful B2B brands on the channel create full stories using interesting video clips and beautiful photos. Truly putting into practice the “show don’t tell” method, this kind of visual storytelling often promotes a brand’s marketing message far more effectively than one-off ad campaigns.

1. B2B Brands Can Be Human Too

How many owls can you fit in one instagram photo? We wished @rogerorde a happy birthday this weekend! 📷: @k2syvr & @jaimestein

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Instagram allows customers unprecedented access to their favourite companies (provided, of course, that those companies are willing to share what goes on behind the scenes). Brands that find the most success on the app are those that invite followers to share in the everyday human stuff - from employee birthdays to office antics. The key is posting content that feels relatable and friendly instead of just focusing on the “all business” updates.

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