Instead of *drowning* in your business each day, imagine turning your soggy dollas → into piles of gold.

That’s pirate-speak for return on investment. Where you know a dollar spent is more than a dollar made.


We’ll bet you’re a savvy biz owner who already knows that investing in social is key to growing a loyal customer base.

So why does it feel like you’re constantly doggy-paddling through a sea of social media (and neverrr reaching that shore filled with followers, customers, leads and sales)?

Like when...

You DO decide to hit that “Boost” button as Facebook so entices you with… but then you definitely do not see any boost in sales.

You jump on the hashtags bandwagon and only get “Nice! Great one! F4F!” comments in return (who ARE these people?).

You attend a conference/networking shindig and get super fired up about sharing your learnings with your mailing list – only to see that the draft’s been sitting there for THREE MONTHS now.

The intern you hired to write your blogs is making embarrassing typos AND isn’t repping your brand the way it deserves.


You just wanna know HOW competitors are doing it. They make it looks so easy. They’re on top of every trend/meme/hot topic, and their social numbers are growing like a school of fish.

Here’s the thing.

Knowing where to invest your dollars to get the most bang for your brand is NOT easy.

There are so many new shiny objects that just distract (*picks up thing, invests in thing → thing does not deliver gold*).

And besides, how do you even PROVE that your business is growing through social?

The good news is you’re not alone. (We all get caught up in Gary Vee rants and then want to scrap everything and start fresh.)

BUT - walking the plank is not the answer.

You know what is? Putting on your lifejacket (#safetyfirst) and ordering up a Mocktail.

Elise is the best digital strategist I’ve worked with so far. She has the perfect combination of good taste, industry knowledge and professionalism.
— Jesse Kaufman, ShippingTree
jesse kaufman shippingtree


While you’re relaxing with your feet up and drink in hand...

>> Your TWO (2) main social channels are working overtime, reeling in leads/sales/clients (whateva your flavour)

>> Your blog’s being populated weekly with easy-to-read, “OMG I HAVE TO SHARE THIS” (that’s your community speaking) content

>> Your newsletters are not only just being opened, but bringing in $ale$

>> Your plate is finally clear of annoying, tedious tasks like posting everyday (“hmm how do I make this same post more interesting than what I tweeted yesterday") and creating yet another newsletter/blog post

Welcome to our little beach shack, where we serve you a light Mocktail of marketing services that cover the essentials: your social media, plus your blog OR newsletter!


Our refreshing Mocktail recipe includes:

Canupy services - Mocktail
Canupy Mocktail services

>> Daily SOCIAL MEDIA content posting for 2 channels of your choosing: Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook. PLUS, growth strategy and management

>> Weekly BLOGS that are written just for your customers

>> Or you can choose weekly NEWSLETTERS that include all the pretty graphics and copy you could dream of

>> OR, if you like a combo deal, you can choose to have 2 blogs and 2 newsletters delivered monthly (#flexible)

>> Monthly strategy and check-in calls (because now we’re new friends)

>> Monthly growth reports (so you don’t have to check up on us – ever)


I wholeheartedly recommend Canupy for any B2C/ consumer brands that are looking for digital marketing help.
It really has been my best dollars spent when it came to marketing!
— Karen Tsoi, Pastel Dress Party
karen tsoi pastel dress party


With an orchid on top, here’s how this all works:

  1. You hit the big pink button and send us your project details through our Contact page.

  2. We'll reply and find a mutually great time to chat.

  3. We'll chat and you can ask us all the questions. If we're a good match to work together, we'll then send you all the contract details.

  4. To lock in your spot, you’ll sign the contract, pay for the first month of services, and book your first 60-minutes call with us so we can *really* meet you.

  5. After you book your 60-minute call time, you’ll be sent an in-depth questionnaire. Make sure to fill this out before our call!


A straw is added for the final touch (things get real).

  1. We meet you over Skype or the phone, and talk out your biz like there’s no tomorrow.

  2. We set a date of when we’ll start our daily and weekly services, and how our work will be given the thumbs-up from you.

  3. We swap info, including all the files, platforms and programs we’ll need access to. Meanwhile, we'll be learning the ins-and-outs of your business and industry. 

  4. Those dates we agreed upon? We'll be posting, captioning, blogging and email newsletter-ing once they arrive! And you can relax, taking care of the rest of your biz.

Like playing beach volleyball, it’s all about teamwork when it comes to us, you and your business.


Why Canupy, you ask?

(But just in case you didn't, we thought you'd like to know anyway.)


Aside from our excellent taste in vacay drinks and love for puns, Canupy is an agency of experts from a ton of fields.

We’ve got backgrounds in journalism, media, screenwriting, comedy, improv – and that’s just the writing part. As millennials, we’ve been on social media almost since birth. And you better believe we’ve been working in social and digital media for all of our careers.

Even better, some of us have worked together as colleagues in a 9-5, and some of us have met while freelancing from Bali. We’ve got some stories we could tell ya.

An eclectic crew. Which makes us even better to serve you a refreshing Mocktail!


P.S. Wondering how the Mocktail is different from the Cocktail package

Great question! The Mocktail is a ~lighter~ monthly service package than the Cocktail. See how the two packages compare:

The Cocktail Mocktail Canupy


+ How soon can we start?

As soon as you're ready to! In general though, after booking the free 15 minute consultation, we're typically up and running together within 2-3 weeks.

+ Who exactly will I be working with?

At this time, Elise is the main point of contact when it comes to you and your brand. Once things are off and running, Elise will work with Canupy's team to deliver your work. It's a team effort around here :)

+ How long is the contract for?

You'll have access to the entire contract agreement before you book, but here are the cliffs notes on how we work: our initial contract is for a 3 month period and it then automatically renews for 6 months. Amendments can be made as needed and we just need 30 days notice if you'd ever like to cancel.

+ I'm interested, but I have a few questions. Can I get in touch?

Absolutely! We recommend booking the free 15 minute consultation where we'll answer all your specific questions (even if it takes longer than 15 minutes :)

+ Is there a refund?

Since this is service-based work, there is no refund for work delivered. Before you book The Mocktail package, you'll be able to review our full contract agreement. If your plans change for any reason and you no longer need our services, you just need to give us 30 days written notice. But again, this will all be in the contract!