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When it comes to weddings, they’re pretty much all about the bride.

Pastel Dress Party caught our eye because they’re giving love where love is due – to the bridesmaids.

The team at Pastel Dress Party came to Canupy in September of 2014 through a referral, on the hunt for a solid social media strategy, newsletter services, and growth in their brand awareness. From then until July 2016, their Instagram grew from 346 followers to 22,000, their Facebook page went from 2,800 likes to 7,200, and the brand became very clear and direct in its messaging.

However, at the foundation of all this “number growing” was the importance of sales.

So how did we prove that our efforts were leading to new potential customers? Here’s one example:

  • In 2015, we kicked off the #PastelProposal contest where for one month, engaged women shared their proposal stories and collected votes for the chance to win custom-made dresses for their bridesmaids.

  • The result? 150 warm leads were generated (500% above target) from 76,000 contest page views and 2,000 new Facebook fans.

But we didn’t stop there. During our time working with Pastel Dress Party, we delivered two beautiful Instagram Brand Books, worked on two website copy re-writes, and helped with a brand repositioning.

Elise is able to provide expertise based on her diverse portfolio, which I think is key for the success of consumer digital marketing – knowing the trends, and the industry benchmark and standards.

I wholeheartedly recommend Canupy for any B2C/ consumer brands that are looking for digital marketing help. It really has been my best dollars spent when it came to marketing!
— Karen Tsoi, Pastel Dress Party
karen tsoi pastel dress party

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Shakespeare wrote: “Brevity is the soul of wit.” So we’ll keep this one short.

We’ve been working with GoDaddy since February of 2016. The task? To write share-worthy (read: viral) blog content for their audience of web designers and developers over at The Garage.

If you consider 27,000 Facebook shares to be an accomplishment, then we’re all on the same page. Our article, about how to convince clients that good design is worth the investment, has so far been shared over 27,000 times on Facebook (and counting!).

One look at Shelfies’ outrageous clothing and we knew we wanted to get wacky too.

Here was a brand that was doing something totally fresh and the creative inspiration was endless.

So we joined forces with the small but mighty team at Shelfies in November of 2013 with the goal of growing their social presence like crazy. (We say “we,” but really, it was just Elise at the time.) The result? In less than a year, Shelfies’ Instagram account reached 100,000 followers.  

With their Instagram game strong 👊, the Shelfies brand was (and is) positioned to be a huge influencer in the fashion world.

tecla logo

What if you didn't have the physical capability to use a smartphone?

Have you ever experienced or considered what your life would be like? Tecla is a product that gives people who have limited upper-body mobility the ability to access their touchscreen-based devices. It opens up a world of newfound independence, privacy and safety.

We’ve worked with Tecla on a variety of initiatives since October of 2014. Some of which include:

  • Leading the rebrand from “Komodo OpenLab” to “Tecla”

  • Developing the positioning of the brand, including tagline, voice and copy

  • Writing the copy for

  • Developing video content for the brand, including how Tecla works, and featuring the story of Carolyn Pioro, Tecla’s first beta tester

  • Pitching and securing Carolyn a guest spot on The Social, a Canada-wide midday talk show

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Who doesn’t love beautifully handcrafted furniture?

Seems like a rhetorical question. That’s why we were pumped to start working with Sonder Mill, an online marketplace for quality-conscious goods, in July of 2014.

The goal? Why, what any online B2C shop wants – INSTAGRAM followers!

Over the three month period of working together, we grew Sonder Mill’s followers from 3,200 to 10,000 – that’s over 200% growth for the data crunchers.

The result? Quality content that led to quality followers which led to quality traffic towards the website.

Elise is an energetic, enthusiastic, and highly skilled content marketer. She took the time to understand our brand, test and refine our content strategy, and ultimately helped turn Instagram into one of our main marketing channels.
— Scott Miller, Sonder Mill
scott miller sonder mill